New MongoDB Components in Talend/JaspersoftETL

I uploaded two videos with examples of using the tMongoDBInput and tMongoDBRow components that are shipping with JaspersoftETL 5.2.2 (Plus edition) and Talend 5.2.2+

I recommend you change the quality to 720p to watch the videos in better quality. I hope you find them useful!

Part 1: Using tMongoDBInput (and using Talend's built in aggregation engine):

Part 2: Using tMongoDBRow (and the aggregation framework):


gianpaj said…
Nice one!
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Unknown said…
520Hi Ernesto. I've been looking for a work around to the tMongoDBRow's lack of returning ability. Thank you!
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PraloySangma said…
Wow, this video is a life saving for me. Didn't knew that reading from MongoDB in Talend for aggregated query could be complicated. Thank you for these tutorial, may God bless you.

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