Geospatial Features in MongoDB with Jaspersoft

Lately I have been posting technical examples to the Jaspersoft community wiki instead of this blog. I'll cross-post this one because there are not many examples of doing this. When working with Geospatial data, I found the $near operator to be pretty sweet. Let me show you by example.

In the screenshots below you'll see that I constructed a report that shows "cases" on a map. When you click on a specific case you will be taken to a detail level report. The detail level report will show you cases nearby for that service. So for example, if someone reports a broken street light on Market Street, this might help you locate similar cases.

So how is it done?
 Quite simple really, take a look at this mongodb query:

  • Line 8: The $P{location} parameter is a java.util.List that contains longitude and latitude coordinates, something like [-122.4194200,37.7749300]
  • Line 11: How many meters from the center (specified in line 8) should it search
  • Line 13: The $P{service} parameter is a string containing the name of the Service, in the screenshot above it's Missing Sign
  • You will need to have an index on your location field, like so: ensureIndex({"location" : "2dsphere" } )

  • That's it, I've never really done anything with geospatial data and this seemed like it was a piece of cake.


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