File Management Tip for Nautilus/Gnome in Debian

nautilus-open-terminal in action
Often I find myself browsing to a directory in Nautilus and then realizing that I'd rather be in terminal. Other times I want to be in Nautilus when I'm in the terminal. There's certain things the command line is better at than the file browser and vice versa. Switching between the two is fairly easy in Gnome/Nautilus.

Going from Nautilus to Terminal:
You'll need the nautilus-open-terminal package ( sudo apt-get install nautilus-open-terminal; killall -HUP nautilus ). Then in any Nautilus, right click on white space and select "Open in Terminal"

Going from Terminal to Nautilus:
This one is simpler. I watched a guy at work do this on his Mac and got jealous. You can go from Terminal to Nautilus opened in your current directory by typing: nautilus .

ernesto@debian-t410s:~$ nautilus .

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