Adobe Flash is back for amd64!

Finally the 64 bit edition of Flash is somewhat available again! It's called Flash "Square". I tried it last night on my dual core Atom HTPC running Debian Squeeze. It was amazing. Full screen HD YouTube videos play smooth as butter. I've never seen this with Flash in Linux! Amazing!

By the way I still hate Flash but you gotta live with it so...

See my edits in the Debian wiki on how to install on a 64 bit platform:

d.o.t.s in your Gmail address demystified

This is probably not a surpsrise to anyone but me but I still want to share.

According to Google:
    • homerjsimpson@gmail.com = hom.er.j.sim.ps.on@gmail.com
    • homerjsimpson@gmail.com = HOMERJSIMPSON@gmail.com
    • homerjsimpson@gmail.com = Homer.J.Simpson@gmail.com
    Sweet! Now to make it even harder to contact me just e-mail me at e(dot)r(dot)n(dot)e(dot)s(dot)t(dot)o(dot)o(dot)n(dot)g(dot)a(dot)r(dot)o AT gmail(dot)com