Love Google Calendar!

I always use the quick add feature of Google Calendar to add events, that way I can type in things like "Call with Jack Tuesday morning at 9" and an event is added. Today I figured I'd paste this directly from an email:

Blake has a meeting in Houston on Tuesday. We need to change the staff
meeting to Wednesday. I was thinking 10:00 if that works for you.

It seemed like a long shot, but it worked! It made an event on Wednesday at 10 am, I was surprised and then realized that in the future these sorts of things will be parsed from your email automatically and you'll simply accept them into your calendar. I like!


Colin Gebhart said...

Have you noticed Gmail is sometimes able to parse appointments out of your email text? In the top right hand corner of the page it will allow you one click adding to your Google Calendar if it parsed the appointment right?

Ernesto said...

Hi Colin - actually I don't think I've noticed that..I don't really use Gmail for business and that's when it would be most helpful..gotta find a plugin for Evolution to extract event details.

Anonymous said...

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