Attachments in MoinMoin 1.6

Alternate Attachment Syntax in MoinMoin 1.6

As of MoinMoin wiki version 1.6 (or so) attaching files to a page has changed the action that previous versions performed. When a file is attached with the format {{attachment:foo.pdf}} the file is not available for direct download. Instead, the user is sent to an intermediate page where he/she can manage the attachments, including downloading it. Sometimes I prefer the old behavior, most notably when I want to make it easier for the reader.

The format to use is:


where foo.pdf is the file you want to upload and description is a short name for the file.

Thanks to Tre56k in the MoinMoin IRC channel for this tip.

POP3 Commands

For use when troubleshooting email problems with telnet (or parsing email in your head) .

First you must telnet to the POP3 sever, in Windows or Linux, enter a terminal and type:

telnet [host [port]]

Where host is the POP3 server you want to connect to and port is generally the standard POP3 port 110.

  • Minimal POP3 Commands:
    • USER name valid in the AUTHORIZATION state
    • PASS string
    • QUIT
    • STAT valid in the TRANSACTION state
    • LIST [msg]
    • RETR msg
    • DELE msg
    • NOOP
    • RSET
    • QUIT valid in the UPDATE state
  • Optional POP3 Commands:
    • APOP name digest valid in the AUTHORIZATION state
    • TOP msg n valid in the TRANSACTION state
    • UIDL [msg]
  • POP3 Replies:
    • +OK
    • -ERR
This information gathered via various websites and this document: ftp://ftp.isi.edu/in-notes/rfc1939.txt